i won’t change if you won’t change, so i need you to fall again. and i won’t leave if you won’t leave; i can’t make it on my own.

that was legit the worst nightmare i have ever had.

wild how latent fears manifest themselves in dreams like that.

life plague no. 7: the libido of a sixteen year old boy.

life plague no. 87: the feeling of wanting company but the immediate regret when i’m not alone.

life plague no. 19: waiting too long to say the things that i mean.

life plague no. 83: i love the taste of spicy foods but my tongue won’t let me enjoy them.

i’m going to start naming a bunch of my life plagues.

real shit.

i shouldn’t have to try this hard to be happy here.


no one heads the whistle and everyone thinks in crazy

i feel like how well someone controls their BO speaks volumes of them as a person.

if you stink in the worst way, good bye.


the amytiville is happening in my gouise
the window just shut on my hand lmaoo

about that time to repost this again. you’re welcome world.

literally. always.

literally. always.

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