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Como La Flor - Selena


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what a wild saturday.

what a wild saturday.



Pokemon Spectrum | by gogoatt


I just had the most fun with this. Pokemon is seriously so cool.

f ys

f ys

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Meet Clyde…

I don’t know what I was expecting

i expected cute noises

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before the break up
comes the silence
i’m talking to you
you say you’re over it
but i know

i thought i knew you
you thought you knew me
but now that you do
it’s not so easy now
that i know

every man that you know

would have run at the word go

little boys with their porno
oh, i know they hurt you so
if i don’t know what i know
it can be so little that we know

but the cup it overflows
little boys with their porno
but this is their world
where can we go?

makes me feel like something’s wrong with me
can you see me?

crying to this album since year twelve.

crying to this album since year twelve.

everyone just gives up when the going gets tough, and that’s all.

if you didn’t think i knew how to love the right way, you haven’t taught me any differently.

i would ask for lgm back, but that was just another gift from someone who refused to love me.

chemistry is literally wasted here.